RAGLD Services Beta

Using the RAGLD toolkit to provide useful services for working with linked data

This is a beta site giving early experience and data from the RAGLD Project.

The first public outing is at a workshop at the AGI (Association of Geographic Information) 2012 Conference.

These are very early services and data from a project that does not finish until March 2013, so please do not rely on them in any way, and be patient if there are problems.

By accessing the index of services, we hope that means you read the preceding paragraph and understand the limitations.

AGI Hands-on sessions

Please see the links (and if you like, the slides in PDF)

ISWC 2012

See the Lightning Talk slide


For more information, or if you are interested in using or collaborating with the RAGLD Toolkit, please contact Mark Pendlington, Hugh Glaser or Ian Millard.