RAGLD Services Beta

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Beta site

Example service

Each service has a /usage/ page, describing the RESTful methods and data formats that it supports.

Relationship services

Mappings between URIs, between URIs and labels, or other relationships such as within, touches or sameAs.

Data processing workflow

See the NHS example in the accompanying slides.

Geospatial point indexes

Efficient indexing and querying for coordinate locations

Visualisation demos

Ongoing work

Current activities are focussing on the deveopment of geospatial analysis and manipulation services, efficient indexing and querying of geographic features (polygons, lines, points – overlaps, intersection, containment, etc), and addional visualisation components.


For more information, or if you are interested in using or collaborating with the RAGLD Toolkit, please contact Mark Pendlington, Hugh Glaser or Ian Millard.